South Bend, Indiana, is a city located in the state of Indiana. It is located in St. Joseph County and is considered a county seat for that same county. South Bend also sits on the eastern edge of Lake Michigan, giving it a unique look and feel that other cities in Indiana do not have.


The history of South Bend began in the year 1820 when John McCarty migrated from Kentucky. He determined that the land on which South Bend is now would be a great place to start a new settlement. This land was ideal because of its location near the St. Joseph River and its access to Lake Michigan. It was also fairly flat, making it easy for crops to be harvested.

In 1821, both McCarty and his wife built a log cabin, which soon grew into a town.

South Bend grew throughout the next thirty years in population and size. The city became well known for its agricultural product crafts, mainly pottery, stoneware, and lumber products found in the South bend market.

Customers would frequently come from Lake Michigan to visit south bend for its goods, causing the town to become known as one of Indiana’s most important markets.

Must Visit in South Bend

There are many must-visit locations when visiting South Bend, Indiana. One of these is the College Football Hall of Fame, which is dedicated entirely to college football history. The museum contains over 30,000 square feet of exhibits and displays celebrating some of the greatest players in NFL history. Visitors can also purchase souvenirs inside the store, including memorabilia, merchandise, apparel, gifts etc.

Another must-visit location when visiting South bend is the Studebaker National Museum, a public museum that focuses on science and technology. The museum contains many exhibits displaying the evolution of transportation, showing over 100 years of American Automotive History through the collection of 19th and 20th-century vehicles. The museum also provides live history demonstrations, films, and presentations about Studebaker history at scheduled times and hosts themed activities for children.

The University of Notre Dame is another must-visit location when in South Bend. The university was established in 1842 and has since become a coeducational institution offering degrees to men and women. Every year the university’s library acquires thousands of new books, journals, manuscripts, photographs, rare books, microforms, musical scores, and other materials. The Notre Dame library system is one of the largest in the United States, with over 5.7 million volumes housed within its various libraries, making it a major research facility.

The Snite Museum of Art is yet another must-visit location when in South Bend. It was founded in 1871 and is considered the first free-standing art museum in Indiana. The museum was built with a donation from cardinal John, which has made it possible for the Snite museum to collect many beloved pieces of art. There’s also a smaller satellite venue that can be found on campus called Compton Gallery, which features rotating exhibitions and installations.

The South Bend Museum of Art is another must-visit location in South bend. Founded in 1944, the museum is dedicated to promoting and collecting art created by people who live within Michiana. The museum itself contains thousands of art pieces, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, photographs and stained glass windows. One very unique piece is an original watercolour painting by Vincent van Gogh.

South bend also has many great restaurants that are must-visit locations when in the city. One of these is A Touch of Europe which serves continental, European, and Polish cuisines at affordable prices. The Union Club is a traditional American Steakhouse with an upscale and relaxed atmosphere, and The Riviera Maya, which is a Mexican restaurant.

There are many more must-visit locations in South Bend, but this is only the tip of the iceberg as there truly is something for everybody to enjoy!