For some people, their AC unit is old and they want to replace it but cannot afford a new one. If you’re in this position, some general rules of thumb can help you decide when to replace your AC unit:

– When the unit is over 15 years old and makes strange or loud sounds, chances are that it is dying and needs replacement. 

– If your unit leaks, this is another warning sign that it needs to be replaced. 

– When there is visible corrosion or rust on the outdoor unit, chances are the compressor has already died and you need a replacement. 

– A broken-down AC unit can become an easy entryway for termites, so if you suspect your unit might need replacement, it’s best to get it checked by a professional. 

– If the outdoor unit is located in an area that can become damaged or compromised in some way (by flooding, etc.) you may want to replace your old AC unit before something bad happens.

All of these are common signs that your AC unit might need to be replaced. There are many other signs that your AC unit needs to be replaced but these are some of the more apparent ones. If you want to know when to replace your old AC unit, simply consider how old it is and what sounds or symptoms it has developed before deciding if replacement is necessary.


How To Select The Appropriate Air Conditioning Unit For Your Home

An air conditioning unit, also known as AC or air conditioner, is a household appliance that helps cool down the temperature within a room. This is done by removing heat from the inside and releasing it outside. Air conditioners can either be central-based or window-based. Central air conditioners are best installed in the main parts of your house, such as hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. Window-based ACs are easy to install and can be placed in any of the windows in your home.

Window air conditioners are ideal for cooling an individual room, whereas central air conditioning units are best suited for medium to large-sized rooms. By following these tips on selecting the appropriate air conditioning unit for your home, you can ensure that you make the right purchase.