Brexmas Cartoons

Brexmas Card Designs

These Brexmas designs were created for Remain Campaigners who crowdfunded printing the xmas cards in 2016 and sold them in aid of BritainforEurope!

The project was covered by newspaper articles in The Express  and also the Bristol Post


3 thoughts on “Brexmas Cartoons

    • albawhitewolf says:

      Hi Gareth,
      I’m really sorry for the delay. I am having problems with my Ebay account. I’m already selling 1000 copies of my picture book through their site and they won’t let me extend my seller allowance until next week. So I won’t be able to list the xmas cards until then. I hope that is okay, or if you wanted them sooner we could arrange a direct bank transfer, but otherwise, I apologise for the delay!

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